Lace and Vintage

(Thrifted Lace T, Thrifted shorts, Thrifted bag, ALDO wedge sandals)

Whoops. Everything thrifted except for my wedge sandals. I gotta admit, I'm OBSESSED with thrifted clothes these days. I feel like I make a frequent appearance at a local thrift shop at least once in 2 weeks or so. My ultra favorite find is this lacy T I'm wearing for this outfit. I love how it makes the style a little romantic-like without being overly girly or sweet. This summer has all been about wearing colorful shorts for me, so this T would probably go with the other 5 colorful shorts I own at the moment (not to mention, they are all purchased just this summer alone).

Anyway, couple of my friends and I went down to a newly opened frozen yoghurt place yesterday. The froyo had a little stronger soft-served taste, but it was still pretty good! We lingered around the shop for a while playing bananagrams. I love bananagrams. Simple games like this is always the best (which necessarily doesn't mean that I'm good at it).

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