(Forever 21 Dress, Thrifted blazer, dav rain boots, Zara bag, Forever 21 ring, Pocket watch necklace from a store in Harajuku)

I got my rain boots in the mail yesterday and I couldn't resist an urge to wear it on the spot. I mean, it was still cloudy/raining weather, so it still makes sense right? I bought these on sale for $39 (original price: $70!) thanks to Sue who sent me a link to the page. It literally did not take me a minute to check out after I decided to buy this pair of beautiful, simple and classic black ones - probably the most impulsive shopping I've ever done in my entire life. But I don't regret the slightest because they fit on my feet like gloves. And they have this subtle gloss-like surface but they're not at all overdone, which complements very well with any of my outfit. 


I'm currently reading a Japanese novel called "Hana no Kusari (花の鎖)" (translation: Chain of Flowers) and constantly in that book appears a traditional Japanese delicacy called "kintsuba (金鍔)." My point is, I miss eating traditional Japanese sweets! Drool.

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