Hurricane Irene


The weather in New England has been really weird lately. One day it would be raining cats and dogs and the next day would be really sunny and hot. And the Hurricane Irene that everyone is talking about doesn't make me feel anymore optimistic about the weather at all for the next few days.

I have been having an appetite-loss lately. Not all the time, but some days, I would just eat nothing the whole day and forget about getting something to eat. Maybe I smoke too much hookah?

Anyhow, these booties have been my favourite booties of all time. They are comfortable, versatile, and very very inexpensive. 

Blazer: thrift from Savers/Laptop sleeve: eBay/Bag: Kenneth Cole/City shirt: Calvin Klein/Jeggings: HUE

The school year is starting next week. I have work and class all day everyday. So busy. Hopefully Megumi and I will be able to co-ordinate some hours to photoshoot every week!

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