(Thrifted lace top, Thrifted maxi skirt, J. Crew floppy straw hat, Thrifted bag, Aldo wedge sandals)

We took these pictures at Sue's porch the other day. I love how the first photo makes it look like I time-travelled back to the 1930s or something. I normally don't wear this kind of clothes but I had to wear my new maxi skirt and floppy straw hat before the New England weather decides to be winter out of the blue. So far, the weather's still great. But I realize day to day that I can't leave the house without a sweater in my hand...Sweater weather, I see you around the corner.


Taisho Roman

(Thrifted shirt, Thrifted shorts, ALDO wedge sandals, Thrifted bag from GRAPEFRUIT MOON, Forever 21 bracelet) 

I fell in love with this shirt the moment I saw it. It kind of reminded me of the Taisho Roman(大正ロマン)atmosphere with its distinct patterns and color combinations. I didn't want to ruin that whole atmosphere so I chose brown as a standard color to get that retro-like feeling. I love wearing clothes that remind me of the past. I just love retro-esque things in general, to say the least. 

So the school started today and I have to say I can't help but to countdown the days til I graduate. I feel like the clock in my head (if there's ever one) is unconsciously tick-tocking to remind me that this is my last year as a student. EVER. Yes, I am not planning to go into grad school. My time as a student ends the moment I peace out of this uni. I'm more nervous than I am excited now since I have no clue what is ahead of me. I don't know where I want to go, or what I want to do. I don't have a set plan of anything at the moment, and I am freaking out by myself. But all I know is that it is still a privilege to even have anxiety like this. It means that I have more than one path to choose from, and I have a lot of opportunities that I'm capable of doing. Thanks to my mother who always knows how to look at bright side of things. Meanwhile, I go around university campus and I don't recognize anybody. Well, that's a lie, I might recognize a few people, but still, the campus is full of new-coming students. And that's when I feel old :-( Booooo.



(Forever 21 Dress, Thrifted blazer, dav rain boots, Zara bag, Forever 21 ring, Pocket watch necklace from a store in Harajuku)

I got my rain boots in the mail yesterday and I couldn't resist an urge to wear it on the spot. I mean, it was still cloudy/raining weather, so it still makes sense right? I bought these on sale for $39 (original price: $70!) thanks to Sue who sent me a link to the page. It literally did not take me a minute to check out after I decided to buy this pair of beautiful, simple and classic black ones - probably the most impulsive shopping I've ever done in my entire life. But I don't regret the slightest because they fit on my feet like gloves. And they have this subtle gloss-like surface but they're not at all overdone, which complements very well with any of my outfit. 


I'm currently reading a Japanese novel called "Hana no Kusari (花の鎖)" (translation: Chain of Flowers) and constantly in that book appears a traditional Japanese delicacy called "kintsuba (金鍔)." My point is, I miss eating traditional Japanese sweets! Drool.


Hurricane Irene


The weather in New England has been really weird lately. One day it would be raining cats and dogs and the next day would be really sunny and hot. And the Hurricane Irene that everyone is talking about doesn't make me feel anymore optimistic about the weather at all for the next few days.

I have been having an appetite-loss lately. Not all the time, but some days, I would just eat nothing the whole day and forget about getting something to eat. Maybe I smoke too much hookah?

Anyhow, these booties have been my favourite booties of all time. They are comfortable, versatile, and very very inexpensive. 

Blazer: thrift from Savers/Laptop sleeve: eBay/Bag: Kenneth Cole/City shirt: Calvin Klein/Jeggings: HUE

The school year is starting next week. I have work and class all day everyday. So busy. Hopefully Megumi and I will be able to co-ordinate some hours to photoshoot every week!

Identity Crisis

Jeans: Tailored/Shoes: Charles & Keith/Shirt: thrift Savers/Bag: Kenneth Cole

I love the color of this photo, so filmy. I also love the sunnies I got from a friend from London. I went to Identity Festival last Saturday. The line-up wasn't all my favorite, but I ended up having a lot of fun anyway. When I went back my neck was sore, also my right arm. 8 hours of jumping around and going crazy. Avicii was good, but DJ Chuckie was even (surprisingly) better. But you know what is my favourite though? KASKADE! My heart now belongs to him. Kaskade has long been in my top fav list, but I would never even imagine him to be that good. Nervo was also really amazing too, they are both chic, blonde and their music is crazy.

I am looking forward for Electric Zoo!


Stereo Hearts

(H&M top, Thrifted kid's blazer, Urban Outfitters acid wash jeans, BCBG shoes, Thrifted bag)

I become quite crazy when it comes to blazers. I don't know how many I own, but all I know is that I have A LOT. They are my first thing I go for when I need an extra spice to my outfit, or when I want to make my outfit a little posh-like. Oh, and can we talk about how awesome my BCBG shoes are? They are super high-heels but super comfortable. Downside: I become a giant. But I'm kinda over it now. Besides, I love it when I'm able to surprise people's expectations; not all Asians are short :-)

The last couple of pictures are all made by my friend and her boyfriend. They are the cutest couple I've ever met in my whole life. I just want to put them in my pocket, haha. They actually made the whole thing from scratch...wow talk about talent. 

On another note, I went to IKEA today with my bf and bought a couple of photo frames and a book shelf. I spent the entire afternoon building the book shelf and decorating my room. And now, it looks so much better! I think I like it more than my room back in Japan, not gonna lie. The room back home is full of unnecessary stuff that I'm already dreading from thinking about how much things I have to throw away when I return home. I wish I had an ability to transport and replace a room. Sigh.  


(Forever 21 plaid shirt, CLEF DE SOL denim shorts, Urban Outfitters lace-up boots, Thrifted bag)

Sue and I went to a local thrift shop, Savers, the other day. We both signed-up for membership card beforehand, so we got 25% off our entire purchases. So I only had to pay total of $6 for an oversized white sweater & a navy shirt! Now you know why we are so obsessed with thrifted clothes.

We stopped by a Viet restaurant on our way back to have dinner. We ordered spicy beef, chicken curry, and one thai iced tea boba & green tea mochi to share. Is it just me or is it funny that what is called "Vietnamese restaurant" serves other Asian cuisine like thai iced tea and mochi? But I guess it's good for someone who wants to eat all kinds of Asian gourmet in one sitting. 

We then went back to the university campus and played piano & sang for a while (more like, Sue played & sang and I was foolishly dancing around and taking pictures). I have a weird obsession with making all piano pictures black & white. I still haven't come up with a good reason yet, but probably because B&W adds more depths and colors (ironic, I know) to the content and the meaning of the photo.