Stereo Hearts

(H&M top, Thrifted kid's blazer, Urban Outfitters acid wash jeans, BCBG shoes, Thrifted bag)

I become quite crazy when it comes to blazers. I don't know how many I own, but all I know is that I have A LOT. They are my first thing I go for when I need an extra spice to my outfit, or when I want to make my outfit a little posh-like. Oh, and can we talk about how awesome my BCBG shoes are? They are super high-heels but super comfortable. Downside: I become a giant. But I'm kinda over it now. Besides, I love it when I'm able to surprise people's expectations; not all Asians are short :-)

The last couple of pictures are all made by my friend and her boyfriend. They are the cutest couple I've ever met in my whole life. I just want to put them in my pocket, haha. They actually made the whole thing from scratch...wow talk about talent. 

On another note, I went to IKEA today with my bf and bought a couple of photo frames and a book shelf. I spent the entire afternoon building the book shelf and decorating my room. And now, it looks so much better! I think I like it more than my room back in Japan, not gonna lie. The room back home is full of unnecessary stuff that I'm already dreading from thinking about how much things I have to throw away when I return home. I wish I had an ability to transport and replace a room. Sigh.  

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