Business Casual

It's that time of the year when the freshies come in and have orientation. This new school year seems to be interesting already. I hope to meet a lot of new interesting people who I can really learn from. The photos are taken at Dolan Field - our college's athletic center. Wide space and lots of light. Wonderful location for pictures. From there you can also see the pink sunset sky.

I just love black and white editions of the pictures. So much more stand out when you turn a photo black&white. 
I never wear shorts to work. I think it's too much. I never wear casual wear to work either. Even though I play a really small part in my office (office assistant), I basically do nothing substantial, I don't make big decisions that affects the pace of business in my workplace, but I believe in representing myself well. I think you should always dress as well as you can. I want people to perceive me at my best. Leggings, jeans, shorts are not on my work-clothes list. I changed into these shorts only for the photoshoot. 

The weather was so nice. I hope it stays like this for a while.

Also I have been trying to quit smoking. It's hard. But the lack of money has actually been helping the process of quitting, and also Megumi really encourages me (sometimes she uses the method of blackmailing to encourage me too, like "I will release those ugly pictures of you if you smoke cigarettes", haha). I am really grateful to have friends who believe in the better me.

But then I just end up smoking too much hookah, which usually makes me sleepy.

Shorts & Blazer: Forever 21/ Bag: Kenneth Cole/ Shirt: thrift from Savers

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