Stripes and Pink

(Forever 21 top, Thrifted Levi's pink shorts, Banana Republic sandals, and it_ bag, TipTop key necklace, Accessorize and Haycane ring, Forever 21/H&M/Taiwan bracelet)

Our blog is starting to become more like a food blog than a fashion blog, but I feel like documenting my life = taking pictures of what I eat everyday. My day pretty much evolves around what I eat, and I'm not kidding when I say this because when I'm eating breakfast, I think about what to eat for lunch, and when I'm eating lunch, well...you know the rest. The food pictures above are from a local Japanese restaurant I went to with my friends the other day. I haven't had a decent raw fish for quite a while, so I devoured myself into Japanese delicacies. Super yum yumz. The last picture is...well, you can probably guess since this is the second time appearance on the blog - yes, the FROYO! I got a petite size this time because I was full from eating too much sushi, but it was a perfect size.

OK, more about the fashion then. I got this Forever 21 top in the mail the other day. I usually get a Small when I shop in the states (as opposed to Large when I'm in Japan) but I like wearing my top loose so I ordered a Medium. The lacy material is perfect for when I want to make my outfit a bit feminine, or what I like to call it "romantic vintage." I'm dying to pair this top with another Forever 21 item that I purchased the other day - a pair of burgundy skinny jeans - but frantically came in a smaller size than I expected, so I had to order a size-up (sob sob). I already have a whole outfit completed in my mind, except I'm missing a taupe-colored suede ankle boots like the ones from Isabel Marant. I found a very similar one for $119, but I'm waiting for it to become a little cheaper...Uugh money issues.

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  1. a great combination looks great!