Hi everybody! Thank you for looking at our very first post. This is a fashion blog operated by two college students, Sue & Megu. Let us quickly introduce ourselves:

Sue (photo above):
Hi my name is Sue. I am from Vietnam. I lived in India for a few years and now I am temporarily residing in a super cute house in a big industrial city in New England. Sociology, Asian Studies, Political science and Law are the things I study in college. After college I want to live in China and 
make a lot of money and rule the world.

Megu (photo below):
I am a senior in college majoring in Graphic Design & Communications. My hometown is Yokohama, Japan, but I also lived in Sydney, Australia. I'm settled in New England now to complete my Bachelor's degree. My dream is to become a graphic designer/photographer and travel around the world! 

We will continue to update our tumblr blog, Latka like before, so make sure to check that out too!

Hope you enjoy!

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