(Forever 21 plaid shirt, CLEF DE SOL denim shorts, Urban Outfitters lace-up boots, Thrifted bag)

Sue and I went to a local thrift shop, Savers, the other day. We both signed-up for membership card beforehand, so we got 25% off our entire purchases. So I only had to pay total of $6 for an oversized white sweater & a navy shirt! Now you know why we are so obsessed with thrifted clothes.

We stopped by a Viet restaurant on our way back to have dinner. We ordered spicy beef, chicken curry, and one thai iced tea boba & green tea mochi to share. Is it just me or is it funny that what is called "Vietnamese restaurant" serves other Asian cuisine like thai iced tea and mochi? But I guess it's good for someone who wants to eat all kinds of Asian gourmet in one sitting. 

We then went back to the university campus and played piano & sang for a while (more like, Sue played & sang and I was foolishly dancing around and taking pictures). I have a weird obsession with making all piano pictures black & white. I still haven't come up with a good reason yet, but probably because B&W adds more depths and colors (ironic, I know) to the content and the meaning of the photo.

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