Dress: Urban Outfitters/ Shoes: Zara/ Hat: Goorins Bros. Hatmakers/ Bag: Kenneth Cole

I like floppy hat, a lot, a lot. I went to all the American Apparel in Boston trying to find the a floppy hat, but then none of the stores had what I wanted. So I ended up buying the hat for $55 at the famous hatmakers The Goorins Brothers. They are the best hat I have ever purchased. So worth the price. 

Megumi and I went on a shopping spree at (don't laugh) Savers the day before yesterday, and I found this briefcase that looked so perfect with my outfit. But it was $13 so I decided not to buy it. Come on, who spend more than $7 for 1 item in Savers is (in my opinion) a little too extravagant. Haha, or maybe I am just a super cheap person. 

I know my fingers are really short, haha, and I totally do not look like the piano-player, song-writer/singer type, but I kinda am. I am not very good, but I can play songs that I like, and for me that's quite enough.

I lost my iPod in May, and I feel sometimes irritated without it. Just like a part of me is missing, you know what I mean. I am planning to buy the classic 160G one, which is the same one I lost. Hopefully I make enough money to buy it soon.

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