Yellow and Floral

(Shirt: shuca from Japan, Shorts: thrifted, Bag: thrifted, Sandals: Banana Republic, Scarf: a gift from my friend)

A little spring-like outfit on a Thursday afternoon. I'm officially done with my internship as a graphic designer at the museum, all I have left are my internship journal, final portfolio & not to mention, a week and a half of summer break to enjoy. On the last day of my internship, my supervisor took me to a Middle Eastern restaurant for lunch. I had a delicious beef shawarma and frozen yoghurt at Woo Berry on the way back. They told me to come over to work/talk anytime again, so I'm hoping to make a trip to the museum sometime soon. I'll have to see how my schedule is going to work out, because I'm going to be doing 2 honors thesis, 2 on-campus jobs and 1 club activity. I'm trying to make a full out of my last year at college...Sounds a little crazy, but I'm half-nervous and surprisingly half-excited. My excitement may just be from the fact that I received a Forever 21 package today. Loved every single piece that I purchased except for a pair of colored skinny jeans that was a little tight on me :-( Ooooops, summer festivity.

Anyway, so food pictures again - banana chiffon cake I baked with my housemate (though it only looks like a regular cake), mango salsa & grilled fish that my friend made, which by the way, was gone in the blink of an eye.

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