Know Thyself

Leather Leggings: thrift/ Printed Tee: Thrift/ Bag: Kenneth Cole/ Boots: Jayjay

I think the secret to happiness is to know yourself. The better you know yourself, there are much lesser things that can upset you. I have learned to be happy for a while. Always try my best to understand myself and at the same time, try to understand other people. 

I went to have tea the other day with Megumi and Eiji, my two Japanese seniors, they are a such pleasant beings, spending time with them always make me happy. It's because they are people who know themselves really well, know what they want, what they don't want, really mature people. And I had pomegranate tea and contemplate on life.

I am really happy my hair is growing really fast. But at the same time, they appear to be pretty damaged. Hmm...

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