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(Livin' Alone shirt from Japan, DIESEL jeans, BCBG heels, Zara bag, Forever 21 bracelet, my friend's umbrella)

My housemate and I met up with my Japanese professor a few days ago. We talked about this year's Japanese programs, a bunch of school-related issues and well, some student & teacher gossips. My housemate and I are both her PLA/TA, so we are pretty honest & straightforward with her, even if it is about her class curriculum or her teaching style. She treated us to a delicious everything bagel + cream cheese + avocado sandwich and a small iced latte. Arigatou sensei!

Afterwards, we met up with Sue and the three of us decided to go to a nearby Vietnamese restaurant. I ordered "today's special" (which, as far as I know never changes) but it did no good to me. I probably should start controlling my eating habit as I seem to gobble on anything that enters my vision. Or maybe I should compromise by exercising more? (or more like, starting an exercise)

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