(Thrifted lace top, Thrifted maxi skirt, J. Crew floppy straw hat, Thrifted bag, Aldo wedge sandals)

We took these pictures at Sue's porch the other day. I love how the first photo makes it look like I time-travelled back to the 1930s or something. I normally don't wear this kind of clothes but I had to wear my new maxi skirt and floppy straw hat before the New England weather decides to be winter out of the blue. So far, the weather's still great. But I realize day to day that I can't leave the house without a sweater in my hand...Sweater weather, I see you around the corner.


Taisho Roman

(Thrifted shirt, Thrifted shorts, ALDO wedge sandals, Thrifted bag from GRAPEFRUIT MOON, Forever 21 bracelet) 

I fell in love with this shirt the moment I saw it. It kind of reminded me of the Taisho Roman(大正ロマン)atmosphere with its distinct patterns and color combinations. I didn't want to ruin that whole atmosphere so I chose brown as a standard color to get that retro-like feeling. I love wearing clothes that remind me of the past. I just love retro-esque things in general, to say the least. 

So the school started today and I have to say I can't help but to countdown the days til I graduate. I feel like the clock in my head (if there's ever one) is unconsciously tick-tocking to remind me that this is my last year as a student. EVER. Yes, I am not planning to go into grad school. My time as a student ends the moment I peace out of this uni. I'm more nervous than I am excited now since I have no clue what is ahead of me. I don't know where I want to go, or what I want to do. I don't have a set plan of anything at the moment, and I am freaking out by myself. But all I know is that it is still a privilege to even have anxiety like this. It means that I have more than one path to choose from, and I have a lot of opportunities that I'm capable of doing. Thanks to my mother who always knows how to look at bright side of things. Meanwhile, I go around university campus and I don't recognize anybody. Well, that's a lie, I might recognize a few people, but still, the campus is full of new-coming students. And that's when I feel old :-( Booooo.



(Forever 21 Dress, Thrifted blazer, dav rain boots, Zara bag, Forever 21 ring, Pocket watch necklace from a store in Harajuku)

I got my rain boots in the mail yesterday and I couldn't resist an urge to wear it on the spot. I mean, it was still cloudy/raining weather, so it still makes sense right? I bought these on sale for $39 (original price: $70!) thanks to Sue who sent me a link to the page. It literally did not take me a minute to check out after I decided to buy this pair of beautiful, simple and classic black ones - probably the most impulsive shopping I've ever done in my entire life. But I don't regret the slightest because they fit on my feet like gloves. And they have this subtle gloss-like surface but they're not at all overdone, which complements very well with any of my outfit. 


I'm currently reading a Japanese novel called "Hana no Kusari (花の鎖)" (translation: Chain of Flowers) and constantly in that book appears a traditional Japanese delicacy called "kintsuba (金鍔)." My point is, I miss eating traditional Japanese sweets! Drool.